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When looking to find the ideal freight forwarding service for your shipping needs, it is not always clear what the best choice might before you, particularly when it comes down to handling speciality freight. Here is some of the wide range of products that speciality freight companies can offer and how they resolve dealing with vulnerable and/ or valuable items.

High Security And High Value

In order to delivery you most precious, high value and high security goods, Freight Company’s use a variety of transportations methods. Through trusted and innovative logistics methods you can rest assured that all types of items can be delivered safely.


Some of the biggest threats to the transfer of pharmaceuticals and healthcare items is capacity and theft. Trucks or containers that are not temperature regulated or controlled can result in a loss of the product and could mean that you lose money as a result. The use of cool and ambient supply chains is so important when it comes to pharmaceuticals.

Energy and Industry

One of the most in demand services when it comes to the handling of speciality freight is the need to transport oil, coke, pipeline, refinery and other energy industry related products. Rest assured that there are freight forwarding solutions for even the most time sensitive and over-dimensional shipments.


Chemicals, both hazardous and non-hazardous, need to be carefully handled by professionals who are comfortable with dealing with such materials. Shipping expertise really comes into play when it comes to the delivery of items such as this. Chemicals can be aggressive and sometimes toxic which is why there will be certain requirements of safety put in place to keep personnel and the environment as safe as possible during both the packaging and forwarding state of the procedure.

Delicate Freight

From old works of art to signs and antennas, the handling and shipment of delicate freight comes down to the type of carrier chosen as well as the ability to relay the correct instructions and requirements to the shipping company at the same time. The logistics company you choose should also seek to reduce the amount of time that the goods are handled and exposed to the potential of damage.

Fragile freight must always be handled in a different way to other types of freight and the various shapes, sizes and fragility of various items is what makes shipping them so challenging. There is certainly an art form when it comes to the successful delivery of something that requires the coordination of fragile deliveries to certain sites that are not necessarily in the best location to complete such a task.

From the high profile to the high security and more delicate items that need shipping, rest assured that Barrington Freight will be able to provide you with the most reliable and affordable solution possible. And, while we do not transport hazardous or frozen materials, for example, we are always happy to help find the most valid solution of transportation for you. Check out our FAQ’s page for more information about what kind of materials we ship.