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When it comes to international shipments, there are typically five types of physical steps that are taken and two documentation stages that need to be completed. The following need to be negotiated between the parties that are responsible for the shipment prior to it taking place.

Export Haulage

The movement of goods from the shipper’s premises to the freight forwarders warehouse is called export haulage. This usually takes place with the help of a truck or the combined efforts of a truck and a train. Depending on the distance and geographical location it could take anywhere between a few hours to a few weeks.

Export Customs Clearance

Before a piece of cargo leaves the country it requires clearance from the country the goods originated from prior to leaving the country. This process if performed by licensed customs house brokers. They are required to submit details about the cargo and any supporting documents that are needed. It is often agreed between the consignee and shipper who will be responsible for this step of the process.

Origin Handling

The origin handling part of the process is made up of a number of different activities that might be performed by the freight forwarder or their agents. This begins with the cargo being received and where it up unloaded etc. The cargo is also validated against the booking details and the forwarders cargo receipt is then issued.

Import Customs Clearance

The authorities in the destination country that the goods are being moved to require to check import customs paperwork. This paperwork acts as a declaration of the type of goods and the value of the goods being shipped. The import customs clearance process can begin before the cargo even arrives at its destination and is not the same as customs duty. It is the responsibility of the freight forwarder, their agent or nominated customs house broker to perform the import customs clearance- just as long as they have a valid license to do so.

Destination Handling

Destination handling is a process made up of a number of different activities that are performed at the destination office of the freight forwarder. This process involves receiving the documents from the freight forwarders office or agent at origin, including checking any documents and submitting the carrier bill etc. It is always the freight forwarder or the agent working for the freight forwarder that takes care of this part of the handling process.

Import Haulage

The movement of the cargo from the warehouse of where the goods are being imported and where the cargo’s final destination is going is commonly referred to as import haulage. Import haulage can be undertaken by the freight forwarder or the consignee can also choose to collect the cargo themselves.

Fast Track Deliveries

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